Landlord information

Marketing & Advertising

The importance of advertising and marketing cannot be underestimated if you want to attract the best possible tenant for your property. Each property is different and requires a unique advertising schedule. The professionals in our office have the expertise to create a personalised marketing program to attract the best tenants and achieve the highest rental possible. ‘For Lease’ boards, professional photos, rental listings, tenant database, online marketing with a premium listing, are all included in the marketing for your property.

Tenancy Selection

Selecting the right tenant for your property is a vital component to protecting your investment. We have a comprehensive application process that all potential tenants are required to complete. Each application is checked thoroughly and after consultation with you, the successful applicants are checked through the NTD (National Tenancy Database). Though guided by GRANGER Property Management, the final decision of the successful applicant is always the owner’s decision.

Maintenance & Repairs

With a rental property, it is a legal requirement as a part of the Residential Tenancies Act that the property is maintained in good repair. Maintaining the property also helps support a positive relationship with the tenant and keeps the home well cared for. We will contact you with all maintenance (when possible) and arrange the work within a timely manner. If urgent repairs are requested we follow up work immediately and only use trades that are fully licensed and insured to be sure you are covered.

Rent Collection

GRANGER understand that regular cashflow is paramount to a successful property portfolio, this is communicated very clearly to potential tenants. Should the tenant fall behind in rental payments, we will keep you informed and immediately implement our strict rental arrears procedure which is intended to minimise any disruption that you may experience. Throughout this process we will keep you constantly updated with all communication sent and received from the tenant. In the unlikely event that the issue cannot be resolved, we will commence the legal process at our first opportunity.

Rent Reviews/Tenancy Renewals

Once a fixed term tenancy has been entered into, we will review your tenant and their rent at least 3 months prior to their lease expiring. This will allow adequate time to communicate and arrange any rent increases and/or the preparation of a new lease contract.


Ingoing Inspection/ Condition Report

GRANGER will complete an ingoing inspection prior to the tenant moving into the property. This inspection will include a full detailed written report of the home and its condition along with sufficient photos of the interior and exterior.

Routine / Periodic Inspection

We feel that this is the most important part of managing a residential property with the initial inspection carried out three months after the tenant moves in. Thereafter, they are carried out 6 monthly and we invite you to come along to any of these. Inspection reports, together with photos to show the condition of your property will be sent you subsequent to each inspection.

Vacating / Outgoing Inspection

We will complete a comprehensive final inspection when the tenant vacates. This is completed by attending the property and accessing the home in comparison to the original report. We expect the home to be left in a clean and tidy condition, taking into account fair wear and tear. If the property isn’t proactively managed, without regular inspections being conducted, or a detailed ingoing condition report, your property can quickly lose value and result in major difficulties when the tenant vacates.

Additional Inspections

Can include such things as maintenance inspections, bank valuations, sales appraisals, and tax depreciation schedules. All inspections can be arranged through our office.

Online Access

We supply our owners and tenant’s a portal to an online platform where you can access your property information and communicate directly with your property manager. The portal gives you the flexibility to have real time access to your information, whenever you need it. This easy-to-use online portal means you can keep all of your property information in one place.

Accounting Reports

At GRANGER, we are available to transfer your rent to you the morning we receive it. This will come with a rental statement showing you the amount paid and a breakdown of the rent. Our office provides a full service for your investment property which includes the payment of your council and water rates, body corporate fees, and any other payments necessary. At the end of each financial year you will receive from our office a statement outlining all of your outgoings and in-comings for your property. This is invaluable when preparing your tax return as all of the information is clearly outlined on one page.

Granger Estate Agents

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As a boutique agency, we are committed to excellence and guarantee our service, and the best of care to you, your property and your tenant.