Taking claim of somewhat of the 300 hectares of wetlands, which spans multiple suburbs and known as the ‘Tootgarook Wetlands’, the suburb known as Tootgarook is home to many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, and unveils the quintessential coastal lifestyle.

Meaning ‘croaking of frogs’, Tootgarook comprises sleepy residential streets and numerous reserves and playgrounds, with a relaxed shopping strip encompassing lively cafes, recreational shops and an ‘essentials’ general store, all running parallel to the coastline. 

Activities in TOOTGAROOK

A quaint little seaside town, Tootgarook offers a serene retreat featuring lush greenery and coastal sights, as the coastline continues down from neighbouring suburb, Capel Sound. The sparkling waters of Port Phillip Bay provides a shallow beach, making this a true ‘family-friendly’ destination.

Many residents and visitors alike, relish in water-based activities, including boating, sailing, swimming, kayaking and scuba diving; noting the flourishing ecosystem and crystal clear waters.

A small set of shops sit opposite the foreshore, and provides an intimate community with a vibrant cafe scene often featuring live music, a ‘general’ store, a handful of restaurants and a recreational store filled to the brim with kayaking and scuba gear.

Multiple dog parks further enhance the open spaces of this little town, whilst accommodating for the pooches. The gorgeous beach hides behind a lush foreshore filled with enchanting pines, and (throughout summer) an array of campers making the most of beachside camping.

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Dog Parks


Offering primary-level opportunities, Tootgarook comprises:
● Tootgarook Primary School
● Tootgarook Pre-School 


Wrapped by Rye (east, south) and Capel Sound (north), Tootgarook is a quiet town, encompassing only 3.6km of coastal lands.

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