Mike O'Neill
Property Sales
Mobile 0428 548 201

As a fully licensed estate agent with nearly 15 years of real estate experience, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the real estate industry.

Consistency, reliability and attention to detail are all personal attributes that Mike adheres to in his day to day activity as the founding Director of the newly established Granger Estate Agents. ”What has always mattered to me is the personal time & commitment I can offer to each person”. For so many estate agents it’s about them not their clients whereas I have always wanted to treat each person, be it a seller or a buyer as an individual. Each person deserves personalised attention and an approach to the business of buying or selling that is tailored to their needs, their reason for making that move. “As much as each home is different, each person and their circumstances are different.”

My clients can expect a high level of service with a “hands on” approach toward achieving a satisfying result so if you want something different, something other than the standard “shop front” approach to real estate you can rely on Mike at Granger Estate Agents.

Mike Oneill