How Spring Clean Can Help To Sell Home

Accompanying the warm spring air, extended hours of daylight, and gardens abloom comes an awakening of sorts and an unashamed  feeling of possibility. This burst of energy often brings on the urge to channel our inner Marie Kondo and get stuck into a spring clean, whether it is the dreaded linen closet, a bedraggled backyard or your windblown wardrobe. And, when it comes to selling your home, the benefits of a spring clean can be further reaching and more beneficial than you might think.

Here are three ways you can ensure your spring clean is helping you on your path to selling your home.

1. Remove the clutter
It won’t surprise anyone that removing clutter allows prospective buyers to appreciate the space and imagine themselves living. It has been shown that having a relaxing and clutter-free home has a positive effect on people’s mood and ability to focus, and that right there, is a winning combination when it comes to impressing buyers.

2. Fix the little things
A spring clean is a perfect time for doing the things you know you’ve been putting off for… years! While these jobs often seem unimportant at the time, they all contribute to making a significant impact, and best impression on prospective buyers. You know, the wobbly door handle, or that loose tap fitting that keeps falling off, or those loose tiles, these jobs not only impact your living situation, but demonstrates the care and attention given to the home, raising confidence in potential buyers.

3. Level up your first impression
You know what they say about first impressions! A spring clean to the garden that goes beyond your casual weekend weeding and mowing of the laws. Think new planter boxes, a power wash of the driveway, or even a fresh coat of paint to the front fence or external trimmings. You’ll be impressed with how much these improvements can impact the look of your home.

So, what might seem like an outdated tradition that gets bandied around as we enter the spring months, it turns out spring cleaning may be more advantageous than you first thought, not only for selling your home but for building a sense of calm and productivity in your own space. So go on, open those windows and doors, let that fresh spring in and get inspired this spring!

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